Update to Certificate Method References

All of our test certificates contain a reference to the laboratory method used to measure each parameter. Previously your test certificate would have listed one or more of the following references:

  • TW060 (Fusarium and Aspergillus mycotoxins)
  • TW061 (Penicillium mycotoxins)
  • TW009 (Dry Matter)

From February 20 onwards these references will change to the references below:

  • 1644916 (Fusarium and Aspergillus mycotoxins)
  • 1733290 (Penicillium mycotoxins)
  • 1528914 (Dry Matter)

This change is due to an internal systems update as part of the continued integration of the Micron Bio-Systems business.

Only the method references have changed. The methods themselves remain the same.

Methods that were previously accredited to ISO 17025 continue to be so without interruption. This change will also soon be reflected in our UKAS schedule of accreditation.

if you have any questions about this update, please contact Rob Furmage, Technical Services Manager at rob.furmage@volac.com