Continued Excellence in Interlaboratory Ring Testing

The Mycocheck laboratory once again received excellent scores in the latest proficiency testing round organised by FAPAS.  After analysing an unknown sample of maize flour, the laboratory received a perfect score of 0.0 for Fumonisin B1 and Total Fumonisins.  A similarly good score of -0.4 was achieved for Fumonisin B2.

The closer a laboratory’s submitted value is to the true (agreed) mycotoxin level, the closer their score is to 0.  Scores of less than 2 indicate acceptable method performance.

Taking part in these interlaboratory comparison rounds is a key part of maintaining accreditation to ISO 17025, and demonstrates the ability of the Mycocheck service to deliver accurate results across a wide range of sample types.

The Mycocheck laboratory was also the first lab to submit results out of 43 participants, showing that it is possible to combine quality results with quick turnaround times.