Measurement Uncertainty

Mycocheck uses advanced laboratory techniques to determine the mycotoxin content in feed samples.  Every step of this process is accurate and reliable, but like any other laboratory technique, there is a range associated with every result.  This range is officially known as the measurement uncertainty (MU).

Mycocheck uses the detected levels of different mycotoxins to assign a risk to feed samples.  Sometimes the range (measurement uncertainty) associated with each value can overlap into a different risk category.  The chart below shows how Mycocheck assigns risk when this occurs.

Measurement Uncertainty Decision Rule Diagram

For the purpose of assigning a risk to samples, Mycocheck uses the reported value only, and does not take the MU into account.  This makes reporting and interpreting the results simpler.

The MU is not reported on the COA, but can be provided on request.

For more information on how we assign risk to samples, as well the threshold values for different mycotoxins, please visit our page on risk.

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